The Journey Continues

I'm really liking my new glasses. They are very much me, I think.


My follow up with my doctor went well, my blood pressure is still high! But it's not too far from where it should be, she added some two-in-one medication that will replace an older one, so I'll be taking the same amount of pills. I'll have to follow up for a forth consecutive week, next week to see if this new combo finally balances me out. The good news is she didn't seem alarmed about anything and was glad progress had been made, and she didn't put me on a low sodium diet!

I skipped breakfast, and had a light lunch of baked chips and cheese sauce. For dinner I had a chicken wrap that included, lettuce, cheese sauce, shredded cheese, lite ranch, and bacon bits. I consumed a grand total of 1,439 calories burned 327 on my walk, my sodium was 3,708, so yes was over quite a bit.


I have therapy this afternoon, then going walking shortly after. I'm supposed to hang out at my buddies sometime this week, but I'm not sure if I'm up for it. I'm also still craving juicy hamburgers, and cheesy, pepperoni-y pizza as well as a lot of other things. I've been thinking a lot about those "cheat days" that so many rely on to keep them sane during there weight loss journeys. They have always seemed like luxuries to me. In my passed failed diets, I always had a cheat day once a month or ever two months if it lasted so long that such a timespan could even be possible. A Cheat day for me  always morphed into cheat days, into a cheat weekend, into a cheat week, into a month long "break" or "hiatus" that I would never recover from. Having a taste of the forbidden fruit again was too hard to give back up. That's why I can't allow myself "cheat days" because history tells me that they don't serve their purpose. I wish they could though.

My next milestone in weight milestone is 430, why? Because that's the highest weight my fitness watch goes up to, and then I'll actually be able to use it for more than just time.


  1. I've just started a plan that has a cheat day and I am feeling a bit nervous about it. I have a history of overdoing it. But it will make things like visiting family easier because I'll be able to eat whatever they serve without stressing. And I don't have to think "I can never have chocolate again" which would totally stress me out. I think needing a cheat day depends how strict your current diet is. If you're just counting calories, then you can still fit in whatever foods you like but in smaller quantities, every day.

    Your new glasses are great. I'll be looking for some next week. My daughter protested because she likes my current pink ones, but I think my eyes have got a bit worse and I need to get them tested again, it's been two years.

    1. Just proceed with caution, as for me there is no hope with cheat days.

      Thanks, it's certainly time to get those peepers looked.


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