The Struggle Is Real

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. Its not great, chips, and junk keep making their way into my mouth. The other day at therapy my therapist said I looked great, its possible I'm losing fat and gaining muscle despite the flop in nutrition. Today I went over calories for the first time in a very long time over by just over 100, it wont do any real damage realistically but its just another thing to pile on mind. I'm still in the 340s. 345 As of right now, I think my next change up will be trying to drink 44oz of water in the morning and then another 64oz + throughout the day  Ill have Breakfast at 10:30am, lunch at 2:30, and finally dinner at 7 or 8.


Oatmeal + 2 rice cakes w/ peanut butter + perhaps a boiled egg


Almonds and dried berries, string cheese, salad,  peanut butter crackers or tuna and crackers


Chicken/fish or beef, mixed veggies


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