Photos Upon Photos

Over the weekend I had a bit of an adventure with my buddy who I go to the gym with. We went to an out of town park to shoot some photography. The park had lakes and trails and a lighthouse and  all kinds of things, sadly a lot of stuff wasn't currently open to the public. We spent 4 hours walking the trails and taking pictures. It was only at the end when my energy finally depleted, we got lost and had to backtrack and not only that but we ended up taking an even longer way back, logged in some 6k steps.

It was a popular park and there were lots of people walking around, my anxiety was under control up until the end, then it just felt like I was shoulder to shoulder with someone every breath, but it wasn't nearly that close and they weren't nearly that frequent, but my social meter was exhausted. Still it was a nice trip got some nice shots and truly surprised myself. Even my friend praised me, he even referenced the old me, saying this is something the old you would never have done. That is true. I still went to the gym that night as well.

I got a Fitbit, my friends wife got  some kind of smart watch and gave me her Fitbit HR. I'm loving it.

This week its back to therapy, my therapist has been on vacation the last two weeks. Gym as usual and Ill probably start implementing some walking to get my daily steps in.


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