All The Levels Of Crap I Feel

 I can not begin to explain to you how much I feel like garbage, I had another so so nights sleep, but woke up at 6AM, again with a freaking headache! I don't remember how long I was up, but I eventually fell back to sleep. Ive been informed my cold my actually last a week, which is devastating news. Ive always been that lucky guy to be sick a couple days. Its like boom, one day sick, second day sick, third day things are back to normal, so this just seems so drawn out and I'm not happy. I seemed to be doing a bit better yesterday too, my congestion seems to have peaked today. My nose feels so rough to the touch, its crazy! I'm suppose to do 3 miles today, but I really just don't freaking feel like it, like honestly. I struggled with 2 yesterday, and I just want to do nothing and be sick today, like ffs. I'm going to try to walk something today though, I cant make any promises. Stay tuned.


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