Losing Weight Can Be Boring

Yesterday I struggled getting through my 3 miles, a little less than the day before, but the day overall was kind of meh. I had a little bit of macaroni salad for lunch and Subway for dinner. I ended up staying the night over at a buddies, where I got a measly two hours of sleep, watching the Food Networks programming until infomercials came on. Now I'm thinking to myself "how the hell am I going to do 3 miles?" I'm wide awake, but I'm still tired, I'm drained and I haven't gotten back my energy high from last week and its so frustrating. Its too early to already be facing these issues. I guess some good news is, it appears that I have visually lost weight, I see it a little in my face, and my stomach seems ever-so-slightly smaller, and I fit into my buddies car a bit more comfortably so I know what Ive been doing has been working!

Unfortunately I tip too far on the scales and cant get a reading so I don't know my actual numbers, and for right now I'm good with that. The scales I own, and my friend own top out at 400, and 350 respectively and I exceed them. If I could guess my starting weight I'd say over 520. How much would I guess I lost? I'd rather not guess that. I just know Ive lost something and I'm glad. I know I'm making progress in my life for the first time in years.


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