3 Miles And All Smiles

The week has begun and that means an increase to my exercise routine. Previously I mentioned I was doing Leslie Sansone's in-door walking routines, I started initially with a single mile, then two, and now I'm doing 3. Honestly, this one was a lot more intense than I anticipated, had me sweating and huffing in no time. Its a 46 minute set and halfway through I was begging for it to be over, but I didn't quit and charged ahead and until I completed it.

I cant recall a time in recent memory Ive been so proud of myself! That being said, its clear to me that 3 miles a day for the week is going to be tough, and its going to take a lot more endurance and determination than previous weeks. But I'm committed to this new healthy active lifestyle and wont slow down now.

Here is the video I'm doing for the week


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