*I wrote all of this last night, but was so tired that I did not feel like proofreading and just fell asleep*

Well, the day is done, and here's how it played out. So as I got to work and made my way to the break room to wait for clock in time, I was made aware it was pizza day, tons and tons of pizzas were available. I thought of how ironic it was, but I did not indulge, not even during my breaks. So I was doing computer training for about half my shift before I completed, once done I went to find Tammy to inform her I was done, and to begin more shadowing. Once I found her she told us we had to go on our lunch break, so it was back to the break room for me, I bought some bottled water and a mini bag of kettle chips that were 180 calories. I was thinking how good it would taste with some of that pizza behind me, but I did not give in. Once break was over it was back on the floor where I found Tammy and we headed to a register.

At some point she was asked to work in another area of the store, and I was placed with another lady, Dorothy, she was nice, but I wasn't with her too long before they ask her to do something else, and then I was shadowing a guy named Aaron, who was enthusiastically embracing being a semi-trainer, he was actually a lot of fun, and we were by a guy that was in my orientation group, and the 3 of us had a pretty alright time all things considered. I was sent on my final break at 7, and returned to Aaron, who left 40 minutes later.

Then came a another girl, I had seen her around several times, and she had never made a good impression, I felt like she was the kind of person Id rather stay away from, and after having to shadow her for nearly the remainder of my shift, I can say my feelings towards her haven't at all changed. First she didn't introduced herself once she found out I was shadowing her, she didn't smile, and wasn't at all polite. I stood there for nearly 20 consecutive minutes in as she said nothing, not even to the customers, she was ice cold and just rude. Then almost an half an hour in, she started to tell customers to have a nice day, but almost under her breathe, at a comically low volume, and still no smiling. The morale in the area nose dived once she arrived.

Now lets talk about the pain, my pain began about an hour after working with Tammy, it gradually increased with every minute, by the time I made it to Aaron I was once again kind of bouncing from foot to foot, could not remain still, the pain was too intense. I took some Bayer Back and Body before work to help with the back pain, and   brought two pills with me for if the pain came back before the shift was over. At target that medication really seemed to do the trick to help with the back pain, but after my back started having pains again, the second dosage seemed to be a complete waste.

I kept looking at  my coworkers feet, noticing how they remained in the same position, I watched as people bounced around zoning and doing certain tasks, and I just could tell that severe pain was not something they were battling, and I envied them. How wonderful my life would be if I could do this job pain free. Id give anything to be able to come to work and not have to fear how soon the pain would come.

I know I'm in for a treat tomorrow. My feet are in distress and will not get time to recover (because they need days, not hours), I go in later in the day, but its only 4 hours, and that means Ill be standing for 3 hours and 45 minutes, its going to be a nightmare, and I'm anticipating the deep darkness I will be in emotionally. We shall see.


  1. Brandon,

    I'm so incredibly impressed with you not having any pizza! I think being able to pass it up will really pay off with your weight. I read the Beck Diet Solution years ago and the author talked about every time we pass up these kinds of foods, we strengthen our resistance muscles.

    Do you have a doctor you can go to about your feet?

    Wishing you better days Brandon.



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