A Most Wonderful Dream

I had a great dream last night. I was getting ready for work, I was emotionally misery and dreaded going, I had just put on my jacket when there was a knock at the door, it was Chris Powell from Extreme Weightloss, he told me he picked me to go on a one year weight loss journey, and to pack my bags promptly cause we were heading to LA for boot camp. The joy I was feeling, like that of hitting the lottery. It was a double win, one I got to get out of going to work and be in agonizing pain, and two I got to get a new life! The people on that show go through some amazing transformation and to think that I would be one of those people that in one short year my entire life would change and become what I always wanted, was amazing.

It was all just a dream sadly, and I am fully awake back to reality, that was a wonderful moment  to experience even if it wasn't real. I wish I could be so lucky though. In other news it snowed again, a great deal, and is still falling at the moment.


  1. Maybe it's a snapshot into the feeling you could have by working towards changing your life and getting out of there and on your own? You can be your own trainer, you can save yourself. Even if he did show up at the door, you would still have to do the work. If you do the work, you will still have the same results (well, without a TV show voting and snarking about you! So, bonus!)

  2. Have you got Chris Powell's books about carb cycling (where you eat low carb some days and high carb other days)? Check with your local library, they are worth reading. I often have a little fantasy about going somewhere like the Biggest Loser camp where all I have to do is lose weight, with lots of help, and not worry about anything else in life; but Kyra's right, you can be your own trainer. I love reading books about health and nutrition, it helps, and I think Chris' is good. Or check out his website, just look up his name.

  3. I've never seen that particular show but have seen the Biggest Loser. I wouldn't last one day there! They work the contestants so hard.

    I don't know about you but I despise the snow. Hope you didn't get too much today. Where I live we got some ice and tons of rain. Spring is only 21 days away Brandon so hang onto that thought.

    I hope this week is kinder to you and that work goes well. Also hope that your mom's car starts!

    Take care.


  4. Hi Brandon,

    I found your blog through another blogger (700 lbs is as bad as it sounds). I've just caught up on your last week and wanted to reach out to tell you how sorry I am that you are in so much pain. Reading about it really took me back to when I used to weigh 300 lbs and work in retail on my feet all day. The pain was excruciating and most people couldn't understand it unless they have been obese and had to stand on your feet all day. My god, it's so hard. I also have plantar fasciitis so I know how much worse that makes it.

    Anyway, I really feel for you and I think your number 1 priority should be taking care of your physical and mental health. Maybe this job is just not the right time for you. You shouldn't have to endure so much, life can be hard enough without extra problems. :)

    Oh and I also didn't get my drivers licence until I was 28. Man, people can be bitchy about giving you a lift, not sure why people have to be so awful.

    I should confess that I ended up having a lap band about 6 years ago and lost about 130 lbs. I'm not sure I'd recommend it, but I'm glad to have lost the weight.

    Anyway, like I said, your recent blog posts really took me back to some dark places and I wanted to let you know that I understand and care (all the way from Melbourne in Australia).

    Take care my friend.


    PS- Screw Walmart, look after yourself. :)

    1. Hi, thank you for empathizing, it really is terrible. I'm trying to help out, that's why I have this job, but it simply isn't ideal, its misery, but my options in my town are scarce, and because I don't drive that means I cant get jobs in the surrounding towns. How having my license would change things, if not slightly.

      Thank you so much for everything you have said, it means a lot.


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