A Bright Spot

Something kind of progressive to talk about for once, and that is the goal I set for this month, in spite of the absolute nightmare things have been lately. I told myself last month that I wanted to cut red meat, and so for this month it is being cut by 99%, the only red meat currently in the house is pepperoni, mom is planning on making a healthy addition of her beloved homemade pizza. She was going to have turkey pepperoni, but was grossed out by how it looked.

Also, at work the other day my pants kept sliding down, I think I may have lost some weight do to stress last week, or something, because my new pants were a lot more snug a week ago.


  1. Good job on meeting your goal Brandon! Red meat's not my favorite so I don't eat it too much but pepperoni is good. Lots of flavor in those little circles.

    It sounds like you are definitely losing weight! You're going to need a belt or a new pair of pants soon.

    Now I'm curious to see what turkey pepperoni looks like the next time I go to the grocery store!


  2. Yay! That is a bright spot! (and we like turkey pepperoni... but we also cook the stuff till it's crispy on top. I think they're kind of all the same at that point.)


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