Im Exhausted

I didnt get much sleep, or maybe I did and it was just bad. I ended up waking up at like 4am! I dont remember when I got back to sleep, but i woke up again at 8, been up since. Something sort of interesting, or alarming rather, it appears two of my toes are partically numb. Now I know what your thinking! And so thinking that, I think it might just be nerve damage from standing. Im considering going to the ER but, Im trying to see if it resolves itself. Work at 6pm today, then Im off tomorrow.

Im going to the counseling center Monday morning, if I make it to Monday. Im feeling a way that i cant describe, it feels like Ive already described everything Ive felt,, or I have felt all the feelings I can feel. I'm in some kind of after state now and its awful. I wish I could go back to January and be that morbidly obese guy that thought he could change his life, and started all this, life wasn't perfect, but the future seemed promising.

Ill keep you guys posted on if I decided to go to the ER or not.


  1. Brandon,

    Have you ever been tested for diabetes? That can cause numbness (diabetic neuropathy) in your feet. I really hope that's not what you have.

    I'm glad to hear you're going to the counseling center on Monday. I think it will really help you.

    Hope those toes feel better and that you'll be okay during your shift.



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