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When I got to work I initially thought I would be doing about 15 minutes of computer training, but then I remember how long they were and how many assessments I had left and realized it would likely take the  better of my shift to complete. I was happy, but when I clocked in, I discovered the computer system was having network problems, none of the training could be done until it was corrected! This meant that I had to be on the floor! They had me shadow a nice lady named Tammy, who is also supposed to train me once my computer training is officially finished.

Now for a little on the shoes. I didn't try either pair on until right before I left, and I simply decided to put on the pair I would wear. so I still have no idea how the other ones are. That said after putting on the shoes I noticed how comfortable they were, it was like my feet were on some kind of cloudy cushions, the brand is Dr Scholls, they also make shoe inserts. I was optimistic heading out.

So after about an hour of shadowing Tammy, I started to notice some slight discomfort starting to happen with my feet, a sort of calm before the storm, but before it could really explode we were given a break, and so I spent 15minutes in the break room watching Ellen. When I returned to my feet, the pain had increased a bit from before I sat down, not too much, but noticeable. I began shadowing Tammy again four a little under an hour, but during that time I was constantly moving my feet, lifting one foot, then the other, almost never remaining completely still. The pain continued to increase, but what I noticed was my feet did feel good against the shoes, unlike with my other shoes, which once the pain begins they only seem to contribute and amplify. But before 5 I was sent back to finish my computer training, and I was sitting the rest of my shift.

I finished up all but one of my computer assessments, so next shift will truly be the 15 minute computer training, then, my training will begin, and from there I will be on my feet, the computer training will have come to an end, and there wont be any more sitting, until breaks. My next shift is 4 hours, which means I will only get one 15 minute break, reminiscent of my Target days, and that is where the true test begins.

Today wasn't a bad day at all, but it also wasn't what will be a typical work day, so Thursday will really tell all.


  1. So much better than you had feared! I am glad the shoes are working out for you. The right shoes make such a difference.

    1. Yeah I was quite happy with how well he shoes performed overall, but the real test comes when Im in, and on them for consecutive hours.

      Thanks Natalie.

  2. Hi Brandon, even though you had some pain I am glad the shoes helped some. I like Dr Scholls shoes for myself and I recently bought some of their socks and like them too. So glad the car is doing better. We have had the same problems in ours when we got bad gasoline and had to add that bottle of stuff to the tank. Have a good night.

    1. They have socks!? Im probably going to look into those, I know several years back I bought my mom some kind of therapeutic sock to help with her ankle and mild foot pain, and she says it works. Is that anything like how Dr Scholls work? Ill look into it. Who knew bad gas was a thing (not I)?

      Thanks dearly Jeanette

    2. Brandon, I buy my Dr. Scholls socks at Walmart. You might want to check the next time you're at work and have a break.


  3. It's awesome that you are out there working man, I hope to be able to do that someday in the not so distant future. Standing on your feet is super difficult for big guys, I feel your pain just thinking about it. The good news is that it will get easier as time goes by. I remember back in the day when I worked for a cleaning company, my shifts were between 4 and 6 hours normally. I would always try to trick my brain into thinking that my shift was much longer than it was. It kind of made my brain gear up better for the duration of the shift. Mind over matter kind of thing. It seemed to help.

    1. Yeah I wish I could zap off these pounds faster to lighten the load, yesterday I remember looking around at my co-workers, they moved around like there wasn't a pain in the world, such freedom.I envied the idea of what its like to do the job with no pain.

      I wish I could manufacture a false sense of time, but I simply never have been, i tried that often when I worked at Target, to failed results, the only thing that seems to comfort me is when I have less than 2 hours left of a shift, or if I realize I actually leave earlier than I originally thought. Like yesterday I original thought it was 3-11, but it was only till (10), even though it was my mistake, I still consider it a victory.


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