Should I Get A Cellphone

I have not had a cellphone since I was working at Target, there has been times when I have seriously needed one, but didn't have one. When I stopped being able to afford my phone and it was ultimately cut off, I kind of  felt lost. I used my phone for social networking (loosely), watching videos, and keeping in touch (loosely). But it had a very nasty side effect on me, I would cling to my phone for some kind of validation, and that validation was never met. Id sit there staring at my phone wondering why no one had text me for so long, why I hadn't gotten a message on facebook, why I hadn't gotten any calls, and these things would boil in my head just becoming a bigger and bigger problem, and send me into long spells of depression.

My first check is still weeks away, but I was wondering what I might purchase, and I was thinking of a phone, there are so many health related apps now that Id like to use, and Id really like to be able to blog on the go, plus I my oldest nephew has a phone so I could text back and forth with him, as well as my core group of friends. But the fear is still there that I might become obsessed a bit again with whats not happening, or what I'm not receiving, so what do you guys think?

I have to be to work at 9am, and because of my anxiety issues, Ill need to be up by like 5, so Im heading to bed early. Goodnight!


  1. Social media validation can be addictive. This is a tricky one if you think it could be a problem for you, because otherwise I'd say everyone needs a phone!

  2. Well, I have a phone to keep in touch with my family, and to post work stuff (like pictures of my paintings in progress, emails, etc.) But I have to admit that the social aspect of it is addicting, and if I didn't need it for other things, I would ditch the phone altogether. I do NOT like how my daughter is practically attached to hers and that she knows how many liked pictures she has posted has gotten (as they're usually of herself, it's a weird thing to think about. I don't post many pictures of myself. My cat maybe... more my art.) She drives some validation from the likes and such as well, and I think that's a huge mistake.

    But, for safety reasons and being able to call someone. For contact reasons and being available in case there is something going on. For work. For calorie tracking. For exercise apps. I'm shy and also have social anxiety, so when I'm in a public situation where I am uncomfortable, it's nice to retreat. Those are all good things for me... and still, i'd probably ditch my phone if I could because it does provide a time suck.

    So, I think it's one of those things you have to ask yourself if the needs and the positives outweigh the negatives, and can you set some rules so you don't sink into that path you didn't like from before?

    1. Its a tough call to make, but I think maybe I need to hold off. I can already see myself obsessing over things, but I want one. Im torn. To be continued.


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