Bold Experience Is Progress

Wednesday  I decided to be a bit bold and walk home from therapy. I decided it would be a good reason to take some photos of some sights. Unfortunately it was an ugly cold day, not at all ideal for photo-taking but I decided I would go through with it. (See pictures here )

It turns out the walk was further than I anticipated, and it was colder than I anticipated, the experience started out mildly enjoyable but quickly turned into something less than. I'm glad I did it though, it helped me gauge some things. I still felt pretty self-conscious about myself taking pictures in high traffic areas, nearly every shot that I got could have been better if I had not been so paranoid about looking weird, or more importantly,  attracting attention to myself. Still one of the shots was literally right in front of a busy roadway and I wouldn't have even considered stopping and taking pictures there a year or two ago.

Thursday I seen my nephrologist and that went pretty good things have improved across the board with  ye'ole kidneys, it is now believed that my non-gap acidosis is related directly to a specific medication I'm taking for irritability, so my nephrologist wants me to talk with my psychiatrist about an alternative. He also lowered the dosage of one of my blood pressure medications, because of my weight loss.

Today I seen my psychiatrist, we decided that we are going to slowly go down on my irritability medication, she thinks that with the progress I've been making I might not actually need an alternative and be off of it entirely. So we've started lowering the dosage. I think Im 'going to start meditating, and actually read more (LOL I KNOW I SAY IM GOING TO READ MORE ALL THE TIME BUT IM SUPER SERIOUS THIS TIME), I'm going to start watching more movies, I'm just going to start enjoying things more.


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