Super Bowl Chow Down

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and once again my friend hosted a party with lots of foods that I typically steer clear of. I made it a point to tell myself that it was okay so to eat freely so long as I didn't binge eat or deliberately over eat, and to return back to my usual routines the following day and hit the exercise a little extra hard. I did indulge yesterday I ate more than usual  and didn't beat myself up for it because I felt like this wasn't going to be like last year when I gained 10lbs because I was inconsistent over that entire week, and I wasn't very active, things are different now. I've got a much better scope on things and one day isn't going to wreck everything.

I had a very good time, the game was super duper boring, and the commercials were a bit of a let down, though there were s handful that were some standout. I had a good time joking around with friends, asking ridiculous questions of the amazon echo, getting attacked by dogs etc. I really enjoyed the Lady Gaga concert after which I left (the company, commercials, and halftime show is the Super Bowl for me, the throwing and chasing of the ball... not really my thang). Apparently the game got more interesting afterwords because the losing team ended up winning.

I took pictures but I look awful in all of them so... I've decided to banish them to shadow realm never to be seen.


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