First And Last

It's the first day of the month, it's also the last month of the year. I've  rebounded slightly in mood. Ive yo-yo'd in feelings about next year. My oldest brother is suppose to come down and visit for a week around Christmas, I have mixed feelings about that. I just keep feeling like I should have lost more weight, my other brother didn't make a comment on my weight  until recently (and it was in the form of  a question).

Well the goal is to make this month the most active month of the year, I already mentioned the challenge my therapist gave that I started, that had me doing 1-3 indoor miles a day for two weeks. I opted to do the three miles, which made it the longest set of days in a row I've ever done the 3 mile workout. Needless to say my endurance for the workout has grown quite a bit.


In early to mid November I had a sudden explosive acne outbreak of my chin. My face looked more disgusting than usual. I had to go see my dermatologist who told me to start taking my cream again and prescribed a new antibiotic that doesn't go through the kidney. Whilst there I snapped the photo on the right.


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