Time To Do What I Do Best: Lose

Well I'm up from my down, mentally anyways, I'm ready to take the month by storm and get back to doing what I do best, losing weight.

This month I'm plotting a return to the gym, getting things situated with my bank and checking account and getting back to it (wasn't until writing this that I thought it was  odd that I wasn't even slightly bit nervous at the prospects of going back after such a long hiatus, then I asked myself if I should be, and now I slightly am). I'm no longer going to buy food I know will be harmful for my goals, like those cookies. I plan to be active even when I go over to my friends, Ill take a dog for a walk or something I'm also going to start taking my food scale and stop eating fast food when I'm over there also, or if I do make it something sensible, if guilt comes into the equations I shouldn't have it. No slacking on my water, I did that plenty of times last month.Watch more movies because that's been fun. Get back on my time schedule and just continue moving forward.

Commence: Operation Exit 340s


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