Day One

How did the first day of Boot Camp Week go? It went great actually, today's goal was to do 2 in-door miles and 15 minutes of dumbells (arm curls). I attempted to do the 4 mile super challenge, and.... Succeeded! It's a 60 minute workout with a lot more variation as it goes on, the last time I attempted to do this I ended up only doing 2. This is a major victory I wasn't sure if I'd get through it, but I did! 
I only did 7 minutes of the dumbbell workout, but I hope to improve as time goes on

Today for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal, Weight Watchers Oat Clusters (no more beloved Apple a Jacks). For lunch I had a single turkey meatball with a serving of chips (13). For dinner I had Chicken Stirr Fry, that was delicious. Today I consumed 1,737 calories, and burned 589 calories exercising, leaving 2,462 remaining.

Exercise Verdict: Fantastic

Food Verdict: Fantastic

Boot Camp Day One Verdict: Success


  1. Your feet must be feeling better than when you were working?

    If you want to lower your blood pressure, it really helps to reduce your sodium. Check the count on things like chips. Sometimes they have a lot for some reason.

    1. It's interesting you mentioned that. Today with my Stirr fry I was going to have a tea spoon of soy sauce but opted not to because it contained 1250 sodium. I was shocked, in the past I would have poured a decent amount over the entire dish.. But yes the chips are an issue, I'm phasing them out again.

      My feet are doing a lot better, I still have plantar fasciitis but it hasn't flared up. But I haven't been consecutively standing on them like when I was working either. It takes longer for it to act up if I'm moving, which is great news for my walking, though I did notice a familiar growing discomfort last week at the park. Once my orthotics are made hopefully that pain will be in my past.

  2. What a fantastic day! Awesome food and exercise. Great work Brandon.

    1. Now if only there were a device I could use to make everyday like that day!

  3. Great job on the weight loss, exercise, going to your doctors appointments and making many positive choices for a brighter looking future. I'm proud of you.

  4. I used to love Apple Jacks! Hardly ever got to have them because my older brothers liked Frosted Flakes or Capn Crunch.

    How are the WW oat clusters?

    Your stir fry sounds really good. I have high bp too and couldn't believe years ago when I found out how much sodium soy sauce has! Too bad, it's good stuff. I used to love Duck Sauce as well until I found out that it was mostly sugar.

    Why is everything so tasty bad for us?

    1. They are very good, they remind me of Honey Bunches Of Oats, but I like the WW a bit better.


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