The Week & The Weekend

I think it's safe it to say that last week was pretty successful. I had goals and I stuck to them the best I could. I did a grand total of 15 miles last week, a new record (January eat your heart out!) It felt great being so active last week and truly reminded of my January glory days. I hung out with friends and ate in moderation.

Yesterday after my appointment I was surprised to discover my nephew had arrived. Mom is making him a chess cake (details here: link) for his straight A's, it's very rich, so rich that you have to cut it into small squares and its to die for. I'm  jealous, but will avoid indulging in it. The plans for the weekend is to hang out with my nephew, this means intense matches playing Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U, and having a movie marathon. I don't workout on weekends but I may go walking today, it looks beautiful. I'm allowing myself to eat my full calories this weekend (3,610), at least that's what I'm telling myself right now.

Yesterday I had another one of those depressive episodes I mentioned before, this time it lasted about 45 minutes, it was right as I got home from my appointment. I thought it was going to last forever, it was horrible. It was like I completely reverted back to the most hopeless, dreadful state I had been in before I sought help. I kept telling myself I could not live like that, that if that is how I'll feel then I don't want to feel at all, you can connect the dots where those thoughts were leading to. Finally it passed, and I'm so thankful it did. But that was scary, it was like a switch was hit and I wasn't suddenly morbidly depressed, there was so no gradual build up, it just happened suddenly.

Happy weekend to yall.


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