Boring Weekend Nears Its End

Yesterday was rather boring, I watched movies, most of them not very good ones. I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and fasted till dinner (I think the fasting will be a regular now). For dinner I had some rather bland barbecue turkey meatballs, my experience with turkey meat is either it's good, or its bad, there is no in between. Anywho, I downed those with chips which is where the bulk of the days calories came from. I consumed 2,185 calories in total. Going in to this next week Id like to stay below 1800 calories, or even 1,500.

Im curious about tomorrow's weigh in, wondering if it will go well. I'm concerned about maybe gaining weight somehow. It's way too soon to see the numbers go up. My goal is still to be out of the 500s by mid April, actually, let's just say by May. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning that should be interesting, just standard stuff this time.

I'm planning workout boot camp for the coming, in -door miles every day unless I go to the park, I'd also like to start some mild strength training with these Dumbbells I got laying around. I plan on this week being my most active week in fitness since my January heydays. It's also going to be TV week, last week movies where the flavor of the moment, this week it's TV shows. I have a ton of things on my hard drive that need to go already. I likely won't get into all of these but here are the shows on my binge watch agenda

The Leftovers Season 1
True Detective season 1
Teen Wolf season 1-4
Misfits season 5 (UK series 5)
Orphan Black Season 2
House Of Cards Season 2, and 3
Homeland season 3, and 4
Orange Is The New Black season 2
American Horror Story season 4

(Honestly I may get through one or two of those this week, we will see.)

As for today, I'll be looking up doable workouts with Dumbbells to incorporate for the week. I just remembered I promised someone Id try out that bed sheet workout in the comments a week (or 2?) ago, and never did. I honestly completely forgot about it so I apologize, I will do it this week for sure and make a post about it, promise!


  1. your motivation and your plans for the week! Be careful with chips being a good portion of your calories. They are salty and greasy and can really impede your progress. Don't let yourself get frustrated by the scale not moving because of salt! Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Polly! I know I need to chill out on the chips, I don't plan on consuming them as regularly this week. Specially with my calorie goal for the week. You have a great week as well!

  2. I'm just catching up on your blog Brandon. The only show out of all those that I've seen is American Horror Story. It was my first season (wish I'd seen the others) but it's great. I hope you get to see it.

    If you watched it, let us know what you thought. I thought parts of it were very scary.


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