Boot Camp Week Day Four

Yesterday was interesting. When I went out to eat with my friend  he invited another one of his friends, this normally would have caused me severe anxiety, but it didn't. I was actually pretty social throughout as well, and had a good time. During the ride to, I got lost in thought abit just thinking about how I don't feel the extreme anxiety I would have before. In the past I would likely have been silent the entire trip, but this time was completely different. I was not consumed with dread, and negative thoughts. I actually ate in the restaurant and I wasn't concerned. I enjoyed myself, it was great.

Yesterday's walk with my friend was great too, we talked about a range of topics but weight being the key. I think I've convinced him to jump on board with changing his lifestyle, it's perfect timing really, his girlfriend, my friend, just got diagnosed as pre-diabetic, so healthier lifestyles have to be in the works. Getting them both on board would be a great boost for my journey. I won't hold my breath though.

Today's we recieved our first thunderstorm of the season, so out door walking not likely, I was thinking that today I would try out the bed sheet workout (link here), and do 2 in door miles. That bed sheet workout honestly looks rather intense, and a little imitating, watching that guy struggle with it at times was humbling.

Food goal today is simple, stay below my 1,800 calories.


  1. So great that you are feeling less anxiety. And having friends with similar goals is always helpful.

  2. I'm glad to hear you had less anxiety; that's great. It will be nice to have your two friends eating healthy along with you. There's strength in numbers.


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