Day Four

Today did not fair quite as well as the other days. I'd say day three was better by a lot. I attempted to do the bed sheet exercise, but gave up less than 2 minutes in, the jumping jacks portion is just too much for me, I literally did 3 jumping jacks in total then I had to abandon ship. So to compensate I decided I'd do the 4 mile challenge again, but I struggled with it from the start, I only got two miles in before every bit of energy in me was gone, not to mention my knees were starting to stiffin up, they've had a lot of activity this week, I noticed my right knee stiffing up last night mildly, and it's still mild, but now both knees are a little stiff, I think the jumping jacks was something I  should have thought through a bit more.

Food side of things aren't much of an improvement. I ate a bit more today, but not everything was ideal. For breakfast I snacked on some cheddar rice crisps (I was still at my friends at the time and this was the healthiest option for breakfast. P.S I'm home now) then fasted till dinner, I had boneless baked chicken and peppers, and mashed potatoes. I later decided to have some homemade spinach dip, and topped it off with a single iced sugar cookie. Today I consumed a total of 1,713 calories. 

It's weird... I feel really weird about eating so "much" I'm getting so used to eating two meals that adding anything more seems like Im over doing it

Exercise verdict: Bad

Food verdict: Good (only because I set a single simple goal of staying below 1,800 calories, and did)

Boot Camp Day Four verdict: Less than stellar (partial fail)


  1. I have heard that bed sheet workout is very hard! I have RA and definitely couldn't do any jumping jacks. Be proud that you tried it and also that you got two miles in. I think two miles is excellent. Hope you don't mind an observation but you seem to be really hard on yourself. Try to remember to give yourself credit for all the good things and effort you are putting in.

    Your food and calories look fine and you were still under your daily goal. I'm impressed with anyone who can eat just one cookie! I have never mastered this skill.


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