Day Five

Today I struggled with my miles again, my knees weren't able to give me 100%, and I was feeling kind of out of it, it seemed like the time between miles multiplied as I went on, but I was able to complete all four. Honestly I considered quitting at the  2nd mile, but I wanted that peak number of 14 miles done for the week, so I marched on and got it done!

Today I got blood work done so I was fasting this morning, I didn't eat until noon. I had two tablespoons of spinach dip, I didn't again till dinner, we had taco salad made with ground chicken and low fat, fat free, low sodium (it was still kind of up there though) ingredients. It was delicious. I was satisfied but got hungry later, but I'm just below my sodium in take for the day, and the things I want would take me over, so that's it for the night. I consumed 1,399 calories for the day, and burned over 500 calories working out.

Exercise verdict: Great

Food verdict: great

Boot Camp Day Five verdict: fantastic

And so that concludes Boot Camp Week.


  1. What a great week! And applause on the 4 miles each day, my long walk is 5 km which is only 3.1 miles (I think) and that seems like a long way to me.

    What are the plans for next week?

    1. I didn't do 4 miles everyday, But I did do miles everyday. As for plans for the upcoming week, I don't know just yet.


  2. Great job pushing on with the miles Brandon! Between your exercise and staying under your calorie range, you are definitely going to reach goal.

    Taco salad sounds really good. I think it's so great the way you choose healthier foods rather than just calorie counting junk.

    If you're still feeling hungry, could you have some low sodium food tonight? I have high bp too and when I reach my sodium limit I'll eat sugar free jello. A serving only has 10 calories and 45 mgs of sodium. I also eat cucumber slices and baby carrots.

    I hope your blood work comes back okay!

    1. Thank you!

      I opted just to not eat anything else and not push it, I've never been a big jello fan myself. The taco salad was delicious.

  3. Way to go on the exercise. I like to eat a couple of apples as a snack when I am still hungry. Don't know if you like apples or not but thought I would mention them. I hope you get to spend time with your nephew. That's wonderful about his grades. Have a good weekend.

    1. Apples are a fruit that I can never eat as is. You have a good weekend too!


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