Boot Camp Week Day Three

I'll be at my buddies for the day, no in door miles, instead I'll be doing out door miles at the park. I've decided not to make the "I'm at my friends, I can't exercise" excuse that I used during the Super Bowl week. I refuse to do my in door miles in front of (with the exception of my nephews just yesterday) anyone. The weather is fantastic so it's really the perfect day for an out door walk.. So today's goal is to walk the track at the park, I'm go to attempt twice!

Today's food goal is a little different, of course staying below 1,800 calories is a given, but the real goal lies in avoiding temptation foods. Here's a glimpse of some of the forbidden delights I must avoid.

I've had those lemon Oreos before, and they are delicious! And I love pizza rolls! Ugh! 
 But I will resist any urges to indulge in these treats!

Boot Camp Week just got interesting!


  1. Temptations right in front of your nose are the toughest! But you can do it. And great plan to walk outdoors.

  2. Is this food at your Mom's house or your friends? Either way, I think I would look at it as their food and just make it not an option to eat.

    I am really bad at just eating one cookie or one serving of ice cream so for me it's best not to start at all.

    Let us know how you did!

  3. You've come too far to be bossed around by a cookie Brandon!


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