Fitness Boot Camp Week: Day One

Yesterday meals looked a lot like the day before. For breakfast I had a bowl of Apple Jacks, I fasted till dinner, then had a turkey meatball sandwich with chips (I ate less of both though). I topped it off with a serving of butter cookies. I consumed 2,077 calories in total, sparing 1,533.

I have my doctors appointment in just a few hours. Then when I return I'll weigh in. I'm more anxious about the weigh in than the appointment. Today is the start of boot camp week. Today's boot camp requirement is to do at least 2 in door miles (Im going to attempt the Walk Away The Pounds Express 4 Mile Super Challenge) and 15 minutes with my Dumbbells. This weeks consumption goal is to stay below 1,800 calories (a day). Stay tuned


  1. Great to have some exercise goals!

  2. I think staying below 1800 calories must really work. I watch this show called my six hundred pound life and the doctor puts all the people on low calorie diets before they have the operation.

    Seems like it works pretty good.

    1. I've seen that before!

      I guess I'm actively putting it to the test. Next weeks weigh in will be interesting.

  3. Just think that you are able to lose the same weight but without the scary surgery part!


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