Boot Camp Week Day Five

The final day of boot camp week is upon us. Today the exercise goal is to complete the four mile challenge, which would give me a new miles per week peak. The food goal is simple once again, and the consistent goal of the week. Stay below 1,800 calories.

I got news yesterday that my oldest nephew might be coming down for the weekend. That's pretty awesome news. His spring break starts today, but he'll only be here the weekend(versus the entire break previously), but it wasn't set in stone so I'm not expecting anything.  He has been getting all A's in school this semester so far so I'm really proud of him. Today I'm getting blood work done, and will likely schedule that follow up appointment.


  1. I hope your nephew will be able to spend the weekend with you and your mom. You should be proud of him, all A's is incredible! Bet he worked very hard for that.

    Will you make him an easter basket or is he too old for that?


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