All Hallows Eve, Eve

Halloween is just a day away, the true candy spreading will commence. This doesn't mean too much to me actually. Unless I'm asked to take one of my nephews trick-or-treating last minute which would be quite the anxiety inducing nightmare, but I would do it nonetheless.  A new week is about to begin and so a weigh-in will be had as well, it's not going to be a great weigh-in, and I'm hoping I use this as added force to move in the right direction

I went to see my dad again yesterday, it was a bit of a shorter visit this time, but it was alright, someone else was there when I arrived, which made me a bit reserved, all in all it was a good visit and he seems to be doing pretty well still. I was able to the allow myself to watch the second episode of  Stranger Things over the weekend, that was a breakthrough, I'm not sure when I'll get around to the rest, hopefully soon. Tomorrow is Halloween maybe I'll watch a few then.

Friday I attempted to redeem myself after  a week where I've made poor decisions but also where my mind hasn't been in the greatest place, and where I didn't  excise at all. So finally I fired up Cize. I got ready, read the instructions, I know I have to make these little markings everyday based on how I do. It's a little cheesy,  but cmon Cize in general is so over the top you are abundantly clear on the cheese melee you are taking part in from the beginning, moving on!

I get started, Crazy 8s is the first course. The progression is shockingly rapid, I'm sorry but I'm supposed to be starting out as a backup dancer? Uhm don't backup dancers learn the routines in numbers!? One-two, three-four (each number being a movement respectively). It was more of a show and tell kind of thing there wasn't much time to pick it up before he goes on to the regular pace of the choreography. I was 5 minutes in,  humiliating myself, I actually felt that way, leave it to me to feel humiliated amongst myself. I called it quits.

It isn't for me, not yet anyways,  and it's a shame because I'm pretty sure my spirit animal is Janet Jackson. Maybe in another 57lbs. Its back to Leslie  Sansone for me, I think I've taken a long enough break from the Multi-Muscle cardio workouts. I'm going start back with the 3 miles, yes 3! I must push myself. Last year after an upsetting week I had to reach... Redemption Cove. It seems once more I must redeem myself by reaching this Cove. It won't be easy.

Blue Jeans, no elastic-banding or anything. First time I've worn actual blue jeans 👖  since before I was a teenager... been awhile 


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