"I Can See It In Your Face"

Today I seen my nutritionist, would have been a pretty routine visit, but my nutrionist, Mary, said something that changed it completely. After I got off the scale she said "Wow yeah, you've been doing something. I see it in your face"

My mind was blown, no  I can't see it myself but someone actually said it completely unsolicited, in real life and my face of all places. It was only weeks ago that I cut my beard and sideburns down so that my face would stop creating the illusion of fake definition, and appear its natural true round not-defined self. Yet here comes this complement. It felt very nice, actually, I must say.

In other news yesterday I seen my main doctor and we've decided to try going  down on one of my blood pressure medicines, she's not quite ready to take me off anything just yet even though my blood pressure has been perfect or near perfect the last several times I've been there. The decrease  goes into effect next week.

Day 2 of the dumbbell workout was a killer, it actually got much harder, the hardest part of the entire routine, hands down, has to be the squats, I thought it was going to be an issue with my knees but it hasn't been. It's just that it requires a lot from the entire body, and then there is the rest of the routine itself, I am so sore, and I still have to do it one last time to complete the 3 day goal.


  1. You are doing SO WELL. I am in awe of how long you have been keeping at this. And it totally shows! You are inspiring.


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