Welp, That's All Folks

It was quite the long haul, but the week of Dogsitting has officially concluded. They got me a smokey mountain bucket hat as a souvenir, but the greatest gift of all was relinquishing me of all things concerning the dog. They filled me in on all things their vacation, it sounded wonderful. Then they got to hear about the misadventures of Brandon and Belle, it was nice catching up, we soon decided to get lunch.

After a week of chicken, and the past four days of eating less than a thousand calories I wanted actual red meat and I didn't mind if it was fast food. We decided on Sonic, I got a double bacon cheeseburger and a large fries, and I gave them my drink. I also ate one of Melissa's mozzarella sticks. It typically takes me awhile to get through my food nowadays I think I naturally eat slower, but also take into account I could only eat on one side of my mouth. It still seemed to take particularly long getting through that burger, but then again, I'm not used to burgers of that size anymore. I would have been much better getting a regular, single cheeseburger. I honestly don't think I taste bacon on burgers unless it's a particular kind. Anyways, long after Nick and Melissa finished their lunch I finally finished mine (lunch was 1,798 calories, I'm at 2,198 total. I'll be skipping dinner today). We stopped by a store to pick up a new outfit for Melissa's big presentation tomorrow, and Nick got some new belts, and soon I was on my way home.

I'm glad to be back home, it's weird...I kind of miss Belle though. She would always be laying either right on me, by my legs or hovering above my head. It's interesting that it isn't until just now do I think about the last week in a deeper aspect. Belle needed me. Belle could not have looked after herself for an entire week. She had me, and she relied on me even though she missed Nick and Melissa. So for a week I had purpose. Imagine that.


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