Phase 2

Its Monday typically that means weigh-in but I've decided not to weigh-in on account of how the last half week went, I'm sure I lost, I may not have I don't know. Eating less than a thousand calories for four days has me thinking I'd probably have some nice numbers, numbers that might be so nice that the following week they might go up just to stabilize, or could be too hard to replicate which seems rational, but I don't ever take these things rationally. So I'm just going to avoid the crisis.

I had the MRI for my knee done this morning, that was an interesting experience. In a couple days Ill know what the situation is exactly. Right before I left I found out exactly when my appointment with the nephrologist will be... August 25th. If you are taken a back by how far away that is well, let's just say you're not the only one. I was told if a sooner opening becomes available I would be contacted, but that was very little consolation, I've been doing a pretty good job of not thinking too much about it or how bad this could end up, after all it could be nothing serious still. When I told Nick and Melissa recently about the weird scheduling hiccup I was asked (obviously out of complete confusion) very casually are you going to be on dialysis which to me is quite literally the worst case scenario, and I sort of frantically said no and re-clarified that I hadn't been scheduled for an appointment yet and... blah, blah, actually feels like I've been talking about this too long. Moving on.

This week I'm planning to go walking at the park, thanks to the addition of a newly acquired iPod. I mentioned previously wanting to walk at the park but needing music for pace and anxiety, but the MP3 player I a let friend borrow a year ago fell down the rabbit hole, never to be seen again. Luckily all hope wasn't lost as long time reader and supporter Jimmie, of Love, Jimmie graciously offered to send me her old iPod that had been collecting dust the past couple years, I humbly accepted.

She sent me the iPod,  the charger, and a clip-on carrying case which will be quite the nice addition in-use. It was still loaded with some of her tunes,  but  a reset was in order to use my iTunes account. Then after awhile I was it loaded up. I was considering going for a walk today, but the forecast said there was chance of showers in the morning I figured it would clear up but it stayed so cloudy I didn't want to risk it. Tomorrow according to my whether app, which is actually run locally, there is a 30 percent  chance of rain from 2pm-5pm. I'll have to go for my walk a bit earlier I suppose. Either way I'm pretty stoked. I think this will really give my journey a boost, and hopefully we will really see results in the coming weeks. I must say thank you to Jimmie, thank you for reaching out, it truly means a lot to me!

I removed most the information from the box, but it was actually addressed to Brandon Who Lives At Home, which I just thought was the coolest thing


  1. Hi Brandon! I'm Martie, Jimmie's sister! She's so generous and cool like that. I'm glad you found one another! Best wishes on your journey to a healthier you! It's a very worthy endeavor. I love to walk, as well, and would prefer to walk with tunes, but I walk with Madre. We talk instead, which is nice also! Have a great week! :)

  2. Oh hi Martie! Nice to meet you, and thank you very much. You have a nice week as well. :)


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