Small Medial Meniscus Tears

Someone from my doctors office called to inform me about the MRI this morning. As the title says, there are small medial meniscus tears and mild osteoarthritis in my right knee, they have obviously refereed me to an  orthopedist. I had a feeling I was in for less than stellar news involving the knee. I guess the next  thing is to do is make an appointment with an orthopedist and see what the next step is, though Im positive it's surgery, which it's a no-go, I can't slow down now.

In better news yesterday I also went to see my nutrionist, that went pretty well, I went down another level on the BMI index and got  20$ another gift card to Walmart, I think the last time this happened was January, or feburary, but it was pretty cool. I'll probably use this to buy some sunglasses (the kind that clip on or fit over my current glasses) or a dumbbell of some kind.

Aside from making a trip to Wally World (Walmart) no real plans this weekend. I think I'm just going to read, maybe even draw something.


  1. I had a full tear in my shoulder about 6 years ago (that is the tendon torn completely off the bone) and no one suggested surgery. I had to wear a sling for a while to let it heal. (It never actually re-attaches and I don't have full movement in that shoulder.) It hurt a lot! I'm not sure how you'd rest a knee without giving up your walking, which you don't want to do. Good luck.

    1. It's going to be interesting to find what my options are, the main issue is the fact that the knee buckles at a certain position. To be honest the arthritis is a bit scarier to me.

  2. I get you on the arthritis! I have it in both my knees and hips and it's so painful. It's really impacting my life in terms of work and how long I can stand and walk before I have to sit down. I feel too young to have this.

    I don't think yours will get anywhere near this bad. I'm older than you and was obese for twenty years before losing my weight. You'll get all your weight off and preserve your joints I bet.

    Keep us updated!

    1. Yeah, hopefully the weightloss will make it a lesser issue, but my mom has "Old Arthur" pretty bad so I know what I could be dealing with.


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