A look Back, And Ahead

It's a solid week goes as far my diet and exercise is concerned. It was nice getting back to having routines. The daily exercising, logging, and even three meals added a nice balance of ritual to my days again. Starting out doing the 15 minute one mile was a great starter, I'm glad I didn't get overly ambitious. I noticed the calories I burned changed everyday, it dropped everyday. I'm sure there are are number of factors for this. No workouts on the weekend.

Eating the three meals, all week, was a nice addition as well, I believe I only reached 2,000 calories one time, however, still, this is progress. And I have really been enjoying the vegetables with my meals, as well as the grapes I often have for lunch and snakes.

Thursday I found time to read several chapters from my Dean Koontz book The Darkest Evening The Year, which I had not picked up in months. My goodness are things getting crazier, and crazier. Here I thought this was gonna be your classic horror novel about some girl and her dog going through what ever  terror they may be facing, but this is not that. THIS IS NOT THAT. It's quite good though, I like the complete curveball Dean has thrown me. I noticed I zoomed pasted quite a few chapters pretty fast too with little problem with distractions.

I hung out with my friends for a few hours on Friday, which I don't do too much anymore, it was nice, I tried not to over think much. We shared some good times, there was something distantly sad about it too though, couldn't quite put my finger on it. It was as if I'd never see them again. Like we were all moving away or something. Ironically quite a few of them are moving but that's really a none issue. Still it was a fun get together, and glad I went.

This upcoming week the plan is mostly the same except I'd like to increase my miles to 2, for Monday and Tuesday, then go back to the ones for the rest of the week. Historically speaking, I seem to have my most momentum at the start of the week, best time to add an increase without overwhelming myself.

Read more of my book.
Do homework for therapy.

So there you have it


  1. Sounds great. A routine is important.... I need one myself!


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