Oi Vey

Increasing to two miles yesterday was a bit of a challenge, but one I completed. I forgot about all of the extra  hand, leg, and arm movements that are added in the second mile, my watch  said I burned a staggering 502 calories! I was certainly feeling every bit of it, when Leslie announced we were at the cool down portion, a single tear fell from my left my eye in relief (I kid!).

Here is something random, mid-November I got into listening to NPR (National Public Radio), I listen to it everyday now, there is just some stories featured that have me really feeling like my horizons have been broadend, or that I have been cultured just a little bit. Then there is the news and I really feel informed about things not just here but all around the world, and it's increasing my interest in politics, too. I often listen to The BBC World Service now as well. I started listening to these while browsing radio stations on iTunes on my iPad, at the very bottom below all the music related stuff was NPR and BBC, and when I seen NPR it reminded me of when I was going to university. I had to take a mandatory public speaking class, with an instructor who was incredibly passionate about public speaking. I didn't like the class (for obvious reasons), but admired my my professors passion for what she did. She loved to talk, to speak, to converse, she loved speeches. She loved teaching that course. Quite often she would mention a story she had either heard via NPR or read on NPRs website, back then I wasn't very family with NPR. She often raved about how NPR was a great source for thought provoking material, as well as just all kinds of interesting information  from all over. So when I seen the NPR logo the first then I thought of was that professor, and I thought, why not? Now I'm hooked.


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