The Weigh-in: Yo-Yoing Mentally & Physically

Where did I not go wrong I suppose? Let's get right to it. Last week I weighed 469 pounds, this week, 470. I gained a blasted pound, I staying below calories all week but somehow gained (if I were to start looking at sodium again, which I've been turning two blind eyes to. I might be able to ID the culprit). I'm back in the freaking 70s, this is devastating, this is humiliating, this irritating. Now I'm mad at myself, I got too carefree and have been for some time now. It's high time I become reacquainted with my priorities! No chips this week, none! More vegetables, and fruits, more exercise.

Goals for the week:

- Do Leslie Sansone 4mile Indoor Challenge 3 times out of the week!

- Veggies every single day

- Full week chip exclusion

I start off last coming off from a bit of spike, then things lower than usual and sort of stuck there. By the end of the week I was heavily yo-yoing again. Contributors to the poor week. Eating habits, the new ADHD diagnosis, temptation food, the new online course that I look, but it gave and for some reason still gives me anxiety. 

Last week was just bad all the way around. Now this week I have to make a long voyage to Redemption Cove.

None weight related goals

- Read my book very night this week

- Do my new courses assignments everyday

- De-clutter my room.

- Draw something

- Write a poem


  1. You can do it, Brandon, those sound like healthy goals. I love chips too, but I can't eat them and eat healthy...good luck!


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