Pop Goes The Mattress

Im feeling oddly drained this morning/afternoon. I think my weekend goal.... (Yes I'm making a weekend goal for some reason)is to declutter my room, it's just so many little things out of place and in the way. It will take a measly 20 minutes to do this task, it's frustrating that I can't seem to just do it, it's actually given me very slight-slight anxiety. So by Monday it needs to be done! It is the weekend that means I survived a week of no chips, there were was one time when I really just wanted  to grab a little insignificant nibble of sour cream and onion chips, I even reached into the bag, but before coming up with anything. I closed the bag after considering several things. One I'd still have to calculate the amount I was eating, two I'd having to face the fact that  I'd be breaking the only consistent goals I'd been passing all week, and three I'd have to explain myself on the blog. It wasn't easy but for the week I overcame the urge of the almighty chip. I also had vegetables everyday (technically). It was a good week eating wise. Hopefully the scale will give me some good results Monday. We will see.

It's supposed to be a hot weekend here, you know, it's odd though. I feel like I have been coping with summers heat a lot better this year than last year, and I don't cope well with heat at all, eh, maybe that's a perk of the weight loss so far, I'm less hot, or maybe it's a less hot summer so far?

Something odd has been on my mind. A few weeks go while hanging with friends I started having a discussion with one in particular, about another friends random air mattress purchase.  It was really big, and kinda cool. Really it was bigger than a lot of regular beds. I mentioned how about 5 years ago I came into possession of one my brother had, that I thought was really cool (also quite big), but after a single day, a single try, I popped/destroyed it, I was too big for an air mattress. Then I joked that I'm working to get to a size that I can get on an air mattress without popping it. Then my friend looked at me and said well if he can fit on one can't you? And I just looked at him very confused. Then he asked isn't he bigger than you? And I replied I'm almost 100 pounds bigger then him... No.... Oh well I thought he was he replied.

That's pretty much the first time that's ever happened, that anyone has ever thought anyone was ever even possibly bigger than me, it was both secretly flattering and confusing because it's quite clear the other friend isn't near my size, at least to me, we are both in the 400s, but he is in the early end, and I am in the late end. And the friend I was discussing it with is in the late 300s. In the past couple years all our weights have increased quite a bit, but the friend in my range now, used to be lower than the friend that thought he was bigger than me just a few years ago. I've always been the highest, but it's interesting to think that I might just be below them both in time. My weight loss journey had a short lived impact on them. I wonder at times if they are just waiting for me to throw the towel back in.


  1. You have lost a lot of weight and obviously your friends have noticed! And great work on resisting the chips, that is hard!


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