Calories-In 7/18/15

3,450 is my calorie limit, let's tally up today's numbers, shall we?

2.8 oz smoked sausage, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 slice applewood bacon. (didn't eat the toast after all)
418 calories 

8 oz watermelon chunks
82 calories 

11 baked breaded butterfly shrimp, 3.8 steak fries, 4 tbsp ketchup
563 calories 

4 Reese chocolate chip cookies
280 calories 

1,345 is how the numbers added up today. That's how many calories I took in. I'm totally ready for some chips and dip! If I weren't so paranoid with the weigh-in Monday, I might actually indulge a bit tomorrow. Chips are still in consumption exile until I've reached... Redemption Cove


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