Yesterday the younger nephews dropped by for a couple hours to visit, and that was fun, the younger one is all about the singing and  dancing  Fresh Beat Band now and his older brother is all about Dinosaurs... Still. He wanted me to trade iPads with his mother cause hers was older and wasn't compatible with the new Jurassic World Game (which he pleaded for me to download as he was leaving a few days ago to see if it would work) , then he out right wanted me to give him mine, then he wanted me to buy him a new one, then he wants me to play the game when is not here and get him to level 27 (face-palm), kids.

I didn't get much of anything  done yesterday. I did go to therapy, and that went well, no more week long gaps inbetween either so that's good. Did good with my food goals, but everything  else fell flat. Today I plan to declutter my room, read my book, attend my course, do my miles, make a few phone calls, take care of things basically. That's the plan anyways. I have been having unusual anxiety triggers lately that haven't coupled well with my focusing problems!


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