Better Luck Next Week

Nothing went as planned (that wasn't related to food), so yesterday was sort of a bust I didn't get anything done. I'm in a weird little rut it seems and its stumping my productivity almost completely.  I think I'm dealing now with maybe different symptoms of my depression than before and maybe that's why I can't seem to start things? Or do things I'm interested in. I don't seem to have much drive, or motivation lately. Or I could just be in a unrelated slump I don't know!

Yesterday was my youngest nephews birthday, he is officially 3, we will be having a small party for him next weekend , I usual go and take pictures that turn out pretty good, his mom joked that she should start paying me. I'm not really feeling up to it this year however, both taking the pictures, and going to the party. So its up in the air whether I'll be attending or not.

Plans today, honestly I don't know.I can't seem to follow any none food based plans this week. So today I'm winging it. Maybe I'll randomly do something productive if I don't expect myself to?


  1. I'm sure your nephew would really love you to be there.

    1. Yeah, I have a whole week to decide so, there's plenty wiggle room. We'll see


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