Calories-In 7/14/15

I can eat a maximum of 3,450 calories, here is today's intake.


50 grams Honey Bunches Of Oats Ceareal With Strawberries, 2 cinnamon graham crackers,  8 oz vanilla soy milk
424 calories 

32 grams Pork Fat, I was only trying this out my mom was eating these and I gave them a go, very, very salty, and tooth shatteringly hard.. Also the package was tiny. 11 servings in that package, you'd never guess, above is 2! I'll never have them again. If I'm going to throw away hundreds of milligrams of sodium on pork it better be on meat... Anywho.
181 calories 


[Leftovers, also yesterday I didn't measure out the veggies and they made the total quite a bit different (higher) than it should have been, so that is why today's looks different ] 3oz bone skinless chicken breast, 2 oz mashed potatoes, 60 grams of mix greens
237 calories  


94 grams (or 1 and 1/8th slices) of 7-up Lime Cake
388 calories

And there you have it 1,422 calories is the grand total for the day.


  1. I was actually thinking about buying some pork rinds to have as a crunchy treat that didn't have any starch (ie not made of potato, rice or wheat) but you don't make them sound very appetising!

    1. Pork Rinds are a little, or really a lot different than what I had. Those up top are cracklings, which are Harden pigs fat, the rinds are like styrofoam in comparison lol. I don't care for the rinds either, the unflavored ones don't have bunch of a taste at all (also they stick to the back of my throat).


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