Things are going well so far this week, I seen my doctor today. She doesn't think I need to get any heart tests done, and that it's safe for me to go on whatever that medication is my psychiatrist wants me to go on for my ADHD, which is great news so I guess we will see if anything will come of that when I see her again in a month. My main doctor wants to see me again in a few weeks about the knee, it's too early to call if maybe I'll need an MRI (I'm certain I do), also my blood pressure was perfect.

Therapy resumes tomorrow after yet another week hiatus, I wouldn't be surprised to be informed that I'm in for another week off after tomorrow's session, blërg!

I haven't done my exercises for the week which is is frustrating, I've actually been having a real hard time focusing, and getting starting doing things. What is unfortunate is that now have wasted two days, I have forced myself into having to use the last three days of the week to do the exercises with no breaks. Blërg!


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