Calories-In 7/17/15

I can eat a maximum of of 3,450 calories, here is what I ate today.

5 oz watermelon chunks
41 calories 
4.5 oz watermelon chunks
36 calories 
Homemade juicy beef(5.5oz) burger with 2 tablespoons  ketchup, 1 slice provolone cheese, 1 slice muenster cheese on wheat bread, and 6 oz steak fries
1,098 calories
4 Reese chocolate chip cookies
280 calories 

And there you have it, I took in a grand total of 1,455 calories. I'm taking a technicality on the vegetables today and counting the fries as today's veggies ( I know, I know). I was planning on finishing the night with some green beans at some point after dinner and desert, but I was much too full, and decided the days food consumption was to be done.


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