Glad To Be Back

I'm glad I have the ball back rolling, but I must admit I'm back, but to a sluggish start, the past two days I haven't been tracking my food as diligently as I normally due, in fact, yesterday I didn't track at all. My weeks eating has been mixed so my up coming weigh in could prove to have unsavory results. I'm giving myself the weekend to get this bad mojo out my system once and for all all! I don't want to do it, but I'm bringing back Boot Camp Week, if you've been following the blog long enough you might remember my first round quite a few months ago, I've been slacking in too many areas but quite largely in fitness, so it's time I force myself into activity. More on the Boot Camp Week Tomorrow.

I started my ADHD medication for the first time yesterday, in two weeks the dosage will be increased. I already feel ever so slightly more in focus. Like I can control my thoughts a bit better, like my mind isn't an rush hour high way.... Well not as much. This is very, very good.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the last post and on the other post during my hiatus, It means a lot to know you care, didn't mean to worry you. Monday we will be kicking everything back in gear!


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