Losecember Weight-in Week 3

Well last week didn't go as planned. I dropped the ball, Monday I attempted the 3 mile multi-muscle indoor walk which is 45 minutes long, but completely forgot how much more intense it starts out than  the others. It's not crazy, but it's got a lot going on. There was 23 minutes left and I had to call it quits. I burned over 500 calories though, but I was disappointed I had to call it quits. I think it discouraged me from working out the rest of the week (the fact that I quit, not that it was so long or intense), because sadly, there were no further exercises for the week. My eating was mixed, but once again, mother made some sugary sweets. This time peanut butter cookies, not nearly as loaded as the cake from the week before, and there were only 6 to last the whole week. I broke the chip rule mindlessly last week when mom bought "Cheetos cheese puffs." It was late I just wanted a snack and I just went into the kitchen and put some in a little zip baggie  and ate away, was only after I ate them that I realized that they counted as chips! Since then another bag a chips have appeared in the house and I have had litterally12 chips from those. I think considering how far into the month I am, I'm still doing pretty good, and if they werent in the house I wouldn't have had them at all (sabotage! No I need more self control...).

That little recap over, last week I weighted 431.9, this week 427.8 pounds. I lost 4.1 pounds. I simply don't know. The week I work out every single day, I lose 1.1, the week I work out one day, I lose 4. This could be a boost from developing muscle helping to burning from calories and fat? I don't know!

The goal this week... Wing it... There are already brownies in the house, soon there will been an influx in pies, and of course the rest of the holiday dishes. Try to do, or remember things that make me happy when my mind starts to drift to the dark, because that happened a bit last week. Christmas music music, a tv show, looking at old pictures of the brat pack (nephews), something.

(I just noticed that for an entire week I had the entire previous  posts weight-in numbers in the wrong hundreds, they were in the 300s... I'm actually quite upset that I didn't catch it sooner and for an entire week there was a false reality of me weighting 331 pounds. It's triggered a not pleasant feeling from withing.)


  1. A loss is a loss...take it! Have a great week and a Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Brandon, hope you have a very Merry Christmas! I think you should eat whatever you want that day and just enjoy yourself. It's just one day.

    Do you keep in touch with Josh from 700 pounds is as bad as it sounds, by any chance? His blog has disappeared. I thought maybe the two of you were friends. I think I found your blog through his or vice versa!

    Are your nephews coming over for Xmas?


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