So There's That

I gained. Just decided to come right out with it, didn't feel like dragging it out my anxiety is high enough as it is and I don't feel like tiptoeing around it! So yes I gained weight this past week, last week I weighted 414.0 this week I weigh 414.4! Yet another week I've gone in the wrong direction.  It's my fault, I didn't exercise like I should have, and I went to my friends on Thursday and they ordered pizza and I had 3 slices, I immediately knew that pizza had the potential to screw up the entire week. I also knew that I could counter act the pizza by exercising when I got home, but I didn't.  I could have refused the pizza, but I didn't have the willpower. I take full responsibility, that being said, I'm not liking how things are going this year in general. I know I'm dropping the ball.


  1. I know it doesn't seem like it, but 0.4 is virtually the same as last week. Could you re-frame the number and look at it as maintaining? Big hugs!


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