This Is No Good!

Ugh. Well, on paper, I had a stellar week I went to the gym 4/5 days (Thursday didn't happened) doing 30 minutes everyday on the tredmill. My eating  was good, baked white meat all week, fruits and veggies. The weekend I loosened up a bit I had a cheese burger and baked fries for dinner on Saturday and  the leftover burger Sunday with some chips.

So how I do when I stepped on the scale? Absolutely awful! Last week I weighed 410.4, this week... 408.8. I lost a measly 1.6 pounds. Honestly this is frustrating, disappointing, discouraging, and just sickening. I just don't understand.


Appointments with my psychiatrist, therapist, and nutritionist week.


  1. 1.6 pounds is NOT measly!! if you kept that rate up for six months, that would be over 40 pounds. I understand the frustration, though. I've learned (the hard way) that you can't out-exercise your food intake. exercise is for cardiovascular health, stress relief, flexibilty, sanity-- not for weight loss unless you're on the biggest loser.

  2. ps. since you're hitting up your docs this week-- I noticed you mention you get a headache every time after exercising. please please tell this to your doc-- it could be high blood pressure, or nothing, but it's important to get checked out. big hugs!

  3. Thinking of you Brandon and hoping that you're okay.

  4. How are you Brandon? It's been a while.

  5. Brandon,hope your okay. Check in with us okay?


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