Hey everyone you would not believe the bloody nightmare I was in over the weekend, ah yes that tooth. I can't put it into words, but I was in pure agony. I couldn't sleep, literally I could not even lay down because it increased blood flow to the area. I  was in such pain my mother was stress eating chips like Hoover vacuums suck in dirt, poor thing. Is that weird, I felt bad for her feeling bad for me? Knowing there was nothing she could do. All the usual home remedies failed horribly, I could only take Tylenol which I might as well have taken nothing! Anyways  said tooth could not be redeemed and the dentist extracted today upon examination.

I can't workout today because I have to take it easy, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, the week looks like buissness as usual, I'm thinking of maybe going for a walking-photo-taking-adventure ( this week, I know I'm going to have one but will it be this week?

I have a few posts thought out for this week that I thought of for last week but my tooth would not allow for ze concentration, so there should more posts this week. Stay tuned.


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    1. Then it is coming across as intended, lol.

  2. Sorry to hear about your tooth! I'm afraid I'm headed that way too, with one tooth, and it makes me want to avoid the dentist even more :(

    1. Nono, trust me get it taken care of right now while you can. The pain I was in should not have to be suffered by anyone lol. Tooth pain is the worst


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