Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

Its Wednesday already, eating has been good, and Ive been going to the gym nightly. I recently decided to start weighing in daily, at first I thought this was crazy but it really helps me keep an eye on where things are. A few days ago I was 346, I'm currently 343.8. I suspect these numbers might be new muscle developed and my body is trying calibrate accordingly. I just recently noticed just how much loose skin Ive got going on, on my upper legs/thighs, I noticed it before but I didn't realize there was so much in the area. The area does look slimmer to me though.

Ive been having my usual ups and downs about image, I recently have been considering whether to stop using instagram as Im not sure if its good for me. Ive been getting really wrapped up in other peoples progress and feeling like Im just not doing well, I really need to get out of this frame of thought. Im just waiting for my flat stomah to come along. Sometimes I get really discouraged.

I think I want to get back into gaming, I used to be a big gamer a while back, but in the last few years the depression really destroyed my interests in gaming. I think I'll look into getting some new games for my wii U, or 3DS, something with a really good story. The last game I got really wrapped up in was called The Last Of Us on the playstation 3, the game is incredible and scary and typically those kind games I steer clear from. When I was younger I played a game on the Sega called Doom, it gave me horrible nightmares, and so I pretty much stayed away from games with the horror element, I could never play those Resident Evil games (which are genuinely pretty scary, unlike the movies). Since playing the Last Of Us though I feel like I could tackle anything. Though Im just looking for a game with a really captivating story.


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