Boom Boom Crash

The Journey ended 7/25/17. I reached my breaking point with myself and just decided to call it quits. My heart is obviously not in it anymore. I've been on a food-bender ever since, eating what I can only assume are billions of calories a day, I haven't  been tracking. I guess you can say I'm completely prepared to revert back to my old self, both in size and habits. I had to deactivate my Instagram account because I just couldn't pretend everything was going okay, and because I really didn't want to let a lot of people down by announcing I was done. So its gone, as well as my Facebook.

So what now? There isn't much I can say beyond what I've already said, the journey I embarked on was too much, I gave it a go, but in the end my ideal self at my goal weight just wasn't possible, I'm just another failed attempt at weight loss, a precautionary tale really. Now I eat myself numb to oblivion.

Its over.


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