First I'd like to start out by pointing out how disgustingly humid it is for the first time in.. I don't know, like a week or two, yuck! Blërg!  I can hear those cicadas out there making that end of summer howl theumake, normally it doesn't bother me, and I'm not sure if it does now, but I am hyper aware of it at the moment and I'm not exactly enjoying it. Now to the weigh-in, last week I weighed 457 pounds, this week, 451! That's 6 pounds down. That's a good number.

Today started off great, and then crashed, just totally burned up in flames. I have a lot to discuss with my therapist this week it seems! Also... I had another slight, slight blackout today. Luckily I was already leaning against a wall at the moment of  eclipse. I never did see my doctor last week like I was supposed to. I'm still not much concerned by this.

I've been wondering really deep things lately, what's out there for me? Feels like Ive run out of time...

Got the news my oldest nephew will be spending the weekend with us this weekend, he started high school a few weeks ago and I guess it really has him stressing out. So he gets to come stay with us to get away from it all to relax. It makes me feel quite helpless to hear that kind of news, I also hear he is having troubles with Algebra, I'm terrible with math, I think I've mentioned this many times. When you start going beyond basics of math.... well you might as well be speaking in tongues, I'm going to try to find some apps on my iPad  to maybe help him out with this. See what I can do, I'm sure the last thing he wants to do is come here and have math stuffed in his face, but I won't force it on him or anything, it'll just be an option, and I'll know I tried to do something.

That's it for today.


  1. Congrats on the nice loss! It's getting to be a pretty impressive total :)

  2. the math games idea is a great one! what a great uncle!

  3. Thank goodness you don't drive Brandon! Wouldn't want to even think about a blackout when behind the wheel.

    Maybe a tutor would help your nephew?

  4. You okay? Hoping things are going well with you.


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