Weird Place About My Face & Weigh-In

It's been an interesting weekend, yesterday I chopped my beard because I thought it was making my face look bigger. I was looking at selfies from a few months ago and a more recent one and I could swear the recent one looked 50lbs heavier. This is rather interesting development because the last time I cut my beard I cut it because I thought my beard made my face look thinner, and I didn't  want that false impression being sent out into the world. However after cutting it this time I was just in a bad place, maybe I just don't like my face I don't know.

This picture is from February, when I thought it was making my face thinner. It  accentuates my chin, and conceals my double chin, while outlining my face creating the illusion of definition.

Yesterday I also got around to going to see my father at the assisted living home, that wasn't as awkward as expected. Seems I've moved pasted the resentment I've had towards him. It was a pleasant visit. I stayed for about 45 minutes caught up, he seems to be genuinely doing well. I'll likely visit again soon.


It was chicken and veggies all week last week, no deviations. I once again did not work out, but made sure nutrition was balanced. Last week I weighted 367.4, this week I weigh 363.4. I lost 4 lbs.


Get back into the groove of working out, definitely hitting the gym a few times this week, getting back to doing my dumbbell workout as well so I can continue building muscle, continue the healthy controlled eating. I may not do chicken everyday. Watch some movies this week, read some. I've been juggling  the idea of making videos again about my journey. We'll see.


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