Oh The Rriver, Oh The River, It's Running Free

I think this my year, the year it all comes together. It's really sinking in what I've accomplished and just what I can achieve this year. On Instagram lately I've been getting really good feedback, people have been leaving comments saying I'm inspiring them and sending me messages asking for advice, to which I've been giving to the best I can. It really is a powerful thing when someone overweight says they are inspired by me and are about to start their journey and would like tips from me, me of all people. It's like last year when someone left a comment on blog saying I inspired them to start exercising again. Like what? Me? I did that?! It feels really good, especially now with a more clear mind.

I feel like this is my year to zero in on those lower numbers and have a smokin' hawt bod (lol, obviously I kid), achieve some goals, inspire others it's just feeling right. I'm going to start working on getting my mom in shape too, that is a goal of mine as well. I re-activated my Facebook and honestly it's no big deal. I'm not obsessing over anyone's overindulge, decadent, fulfilling, relevant or  irrelevant  lives (yet), in hindsight my last year wasn't exactly boring on paper. My  friend Melissa was just telling how proud I should be at just how much personal progress I've had just last year alone, it was kind of crazy and scary and turbulent and chaotic and heroic and brave and a bunch of other things all at once. So here's to a more optimistic 2017, and a better thinner me.


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